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Huckleberry Hill Farms started from John Casali’s single-family home between the two small communities of Briceland and Whitethorn in Southern Humboldt County. John grew up on this very piece of property with his mother and stepdad starting in 1968. He grew up learning to uphold the legacy that began with the Back to the Land Movement of the 60s and 70s, that it was utmost important to take care of the land and the environment in which they lived.

John grew up following his mother around, growing cannabis, veggies, and tending an orchard from the age of 10. It was their way of life. Devastatingly, In 1992, Johnny was 24 years old, enforcement on the “war on drugs” was heavy, John and his best friend were caught by the feds for cultivating cannabis. Johnny served 17 years fighting for this magical healing plant. The time includes 4 years of court, 8 years of federal prison, followed by 5 years of probation.

Present day, Huckleberry Hill Farms was proud to be the fourth existing Farm in Humboldt County to be fully permitted, by the county as well as the state of California. Johnny now shares the farm with his loving girlfriend, Rose Moberly, and their family of farm animals. Their dog Luca, cat Ziggy, and of course their two sheep, Willie and Nelson. They love cultivating and navigating this new world of cannabis. The two strive to “make a difference” in people’s lives with their farm tours, community outreach, and advocacy to normalize the plant, and its people.

One of the most special parts about the cultivars they grow is that they like to honor those special people who came before them, like Johnny’s mother, Merlene, by growing, breeding, and protecting her cultivars from 45 years ago. Each of their cannabis varieties reflects Marlene’s original cultivar and in its natural and coveted environment, there is nothing quite like full-sun craft cannabis from the hills of Southern Humboldt.

As they have grown to include newer methods of growing throughout the years, their mission remains the same, to produce organic, sustainable cannabis true to their tradition and unique to their farm.

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Sun and Earth Certified
Fish Friendly Farming Certified
Emerald Cup Innovative Product winner 2021

Home of the Whitethorn Rose

A note from the founder, owner, and operator

John Casali

“I think we’re all in that same boat as small farmers. That’s one thing we have in common, and what hasn’t changed is that we’re all here supporting each other and uplifting each other. And for most of us, this hasn’t been about money. We’ve been able to get through all of this and keep our values intact. Making sure that we’re taking care of the environment, making sure that we’re touching every plant and really letting the plant express itself in the best possible form.”

Current Offerings

Sow your own Magic:
Seed Puck Tube 15ct


  • Margie’s Magic (Paradise Punch x Wishful Thinking)

Quarter OZ

  • Whitethorn Rose
  • Mom’s Weed
  • Amalfi
  • Margie’s Magic
  • Paradise Pine

If you like the weed, you can grow the seed

  • Amalfi Flower w/ Amalfi Feminized Seed
  • Margie’s Magic Flower w/ Margie’s Magic Feminized Seed

Sow your own Magic:
Seed Pack 20ct

  • Huckleberries (Paradise Punch x Zkittlez)
  • Paradise Kush (Paradise Punch x Kush Cake)
  • Mountain Mist (Paradise Punch x Pineapple Punch)
  • Margie’s Magic (Paradise Punch x Wishful Thinking)
  • Super Fruit (Paradise Punch x Lambo OG)

Sow your own Magic:
Feminized Seed Pack 20ct

  • Margie’s Magic (Paradise Punch x Wishful Thinking)
  • Amalfi (Paradise Punch x Zookies)

Paradise Pine - (Paradise Punch x Whitethorn Rose Bx1) Regular price

Beautiful colors, insane nose and flavor, translates well into concentrates…. everything you would expect from this cross.

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We Proudly Represent

The Legacy Community of The Emerald Triangle

Legacy Cultivars only grown here in Southern Humboldt!

Various Types Of Cultivars

agriculture farm
Paradise Punch:
45 year old strain (Blueberry OG X Lavender OG)
Whitethorn Rose:
(Paradise Punch x Lemon OG)
Sweet Marlene
(Paradise Punch x Forbidden Fruit x Lemon OG)
(Paradise Punch x Zookies)
Mom’s Weed:
(Paradise Punch x Lemon OG)
Margie’s Magic
(Paradise Punch x Wishful Thinking)

Honored To Be Part Of

A note from our Operator

Rose Moberly

“Im am beyond grateful that I was summoned to these woods for small farmers’ compliance needs and met the love of my life. I have always loved to garden and have a general obsession with all things plants. Sprinkle in my love for policy and compliance and Johnny and I make such a good family team! Thank you for supporting small family farms!” 

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